Here are some testimonials from esteemed members of previous EconoSummit meetings.

George David

“I want to say that after attending the EconoSummit, the educational aspects of the Club have been phenomenal.  You couldn’t ask for better quality content from more knowledgeable individuals.  It’s been very enlightening!”

Howard Ash

“The EconoSummit was an outstanding experience due to the dynamic energy of the Club management team.”

Linda West

“Highly knowledgeable, successful and humble folk who take action, make money and enjoy time together. An awesome group that’s a privilege to be part of and one that will change your life.”

Dulce Kuniyuki

“We appreciate all the education, the integrity of all the presenters at the EconoSummit and the high level of accountability in discussing potential investments.  The EconoSummit makes subjects that tend to be a bit ‘dry’ totally engaging and informative.”

Natalie Stone

“The EconoSummit brings quality speakers that deliver valuable information that helps us make investment decisions in order to help us grow our wealth.”

Jim Sandoz

“As a fairly new member, I’ve been favorably impressed with the educational experience alone. We’ve invested a small amount and are anticipating a far greater return than from a traditional brokerage firm. In developing our business of developing businesses, we’re constantly reinventing and improving our strategies based in large part on ideas gleaned from the phenomenal speakers they bring to the EconoSummit. I especially love speakers Mark Skousen and Josh Effron for their respective styles, as well as their content. With bigger events like the EconoSummit, we find inspiration to rededicate ourselves to making more money so we can take care of our health, continue our lifelong education, and give back to our community and our nation for the betterment of our world.”

Jeff Feldman

“Having been a member for three years, I find the educational aspect of the Club to be very fulfilling. The Club management has been very responsive in answering my concerns. They bring in world class presenters to the EconoSummit which is the event I always look forward to.”

Kaye Nelson

“I recently joined the Club five months ago hoping to educate myself and be exposed to investment opportunities. After attending the EconoSummit, I feel like I have gained many years of education, as well as become involved in two investments. My overall experience has far exceeded my expectations. They are knowledgeable and engage the members in an exciting and professional manner. I look forward to the future of more education, networking with members, and new investments!”

Bayani Laigo

“The EconoSummit and the Club itself, are both very well run. I understand the enormous amount of work (even in spite of future economic returns expected for the manager) it takes to keep an organization growing, functioning, and making money; organizing meetings and conferences; and keeping new deals flowing in and old deals performing. I really like and appreciate the club meeting videos so I can keep up on the education and deal reports. 

The 2019 EconoSummit was even better than 2018! I appreciate the well rounded topic list covering the four club objectives: health, community, learning, and investing to make money. The breadth of speakers and topics is very good. I especially appreciate the emphasis on taking action and the caliber of the other members.”