Ira Victor

Chief Forensic Analyst @ Discovery Technician

Excuse Me, But Your Investor Profile is Showing:
How the Privacy Promise is Constantly Broken

In this session, we will look at promises by the financial institutions, the government, even the companies that sold you privacy protection– and how those promises are routinely broken. YOU are the only one who truly cares about your privacy. You’ll learn how to boost your digital security and privacy, but first we’ll cover:


  • Common myths about data privacy and security
  • Who is “spying” on you, and how is it happening?
  • Daily practices to protect yourself and your investment accounts (without buying more gadgets and services)
  • What to do if you are the victim of cybercrime

Ira Victor has spent 25 years as a “first responder” to cybercrime. Ira is a digital forensic analyst, litigation consultant, and expert witness on the subject of digital evidence and information security with

Ira Victor has more than two decades of information security and digital forensics experience. He uses a client-oriented approach to legal consulting, rejecting the industry’s customary reliance on programmatic and impersonal evidence-gathering. Ira works to understand the facts of each case, with an eye toward preserving client resources.

Ira is named as co-developer on multiple U.S. patents related to information security, and currently has additional patents pending. His professional background includes work in electronic payment systems, enterprise mail hosting, incident response, data forensics, and eDiscovery.

As a member of Infragard, Ira undergoes regular FBI background checks. Ira has earned and maintained certifications from GIAC and ISACA.