Econosummit 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada.
November 9th and 10th.

300 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Minutes away from the strip.

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What is the EconoSummit?

Occuring annually, the EconoSummit is a conference held in Las Vegas that focuses on (based on what is happening in the world and the economy) what is the best way to make money. The conference does feature, as well, a broader topic spectrum.
You will get solid guidance on what’s in store for the markets and the specific strategies you can use today to make money—regardless of whether stocks are headed up, down or sideways.


Our World Class Speakers

Mark Skousen - Forecast and Strategies

Jo Ann Skousen - Forecast and Strategies

John Fund - Political Strategist

Floyd G. Brown - Economist

Glenn Plantone - Real Estate Entrepreneur

Prince Vacharaesorn Vivacharawongse

Dr. Paul M Wendee

Sean Flynn

Chuck Muth

Steve Hawks

Learn more from esteemed members of the club who have shown praise to Mike and Co. for their hard work regarding previous EconoSummits.

Howard Ash

“The EconoSummit was an outstanding experience due to the dynamic energy of the Club management team.”

Linda West

“The EconoSummit provides an opportunity to interact and network with like minded people. It also brings in entertaining and informative speakers. I became a member for the investment aspects but soon learned that it offers so much more.”

Dulce Kuniyuki

“We appreciate all the education, the integrity of all the presenters at the EconoSummit and the high level of accountability in discussing potential investments.

Past Econosummit Highlights

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